HAX: Creating a Truly Decoupled Authoring Experience

haxtheweb.org is a completely decoupled authoring solution for content. Think of it like an advanced WYSIWYG editor that's able to author web components in the front end and then send to the backend an HTML blob of these advanced component elements. HAX takes the concept of web components to the next level by adding in a small piece of schema that's fired in a uniform event when registered with the DOM. This allows front end devs to write assets that are HAX capable with a handful of lines of code, and for HAX to learn about the components that its able to write dynamically. HAX is probably one of the only projects that works in Drupal 6, 7 and 8 and would provide a uniform UX regardless of system (it also has integrations for GravCMS, Backdrop, Electron, static sites). It's a bit unbelievable how simple it makes building; come learn how to join the authoring revolution.

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