Embedding a React app in a Drupal 8 site

Are you familiar with the full stack of Drupal, but you've heard that Drupal is looking to adopt React, and that sounds foreign to you? How would that even work? You may be saying, "I've never used a JavaScript framework like this before..."

We at Redfin were saying the same things, but once we learned what the capabilities and advantages of using React were, a project came along that seemed like a perfect fit. Not wanting to give up all the great things Drupal could offer us, like authentication and permissions, etc we decided to embed a React app inside a Drupal site.

In a truly decoupled application, there's a clear separation of a frontend website, completely written and maintained independently, and the backend site (Drupal) which is used as a data store.

In this session, we'll take a look briefly at some of the thoughts that went into our decision, but also spend time examining HOW we married these technologies. While we are by no means the experts in this, what we did has worked and we would like to share it with you!

Speaker: Chris Wells


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