Continuous Integration with GitLab CI

Pete Johanson

In the not so distant past, a team's options for continuous integration tools was limited to complex, hard to maintain solutions such as Jenkins/Hudson, TeamCity, or to write your own tooling by hand. Since then, there have been a wealth of continuous integration tools to emerge on the market that simplify configuration and maintenance, while simultaneously offering powerful constructs for complex workflows that span build, testing, and deployment/release tasks. One such tool which strikes a fine balance of simplicity and power is GitLab CI/CD. This session will introduce attendees to the basics of adding GitLab CI/CD to a project, and then build upon those basics to explore features such as dependency caching, build artifacts, GitLab Pages, and additional docker integration. Going further, attendees will be introduced to various features designed to facilitate continuous delivery, including distinct environments, and git ref filtering. By then end of the session, attendees will have a solid grasp of GitLab CI/CD, and how to use it for automation of workflows and jobs for their projects.

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