Learn the Superpowers of UX Design

Cara Nelson

Do you have to be an actual designer, a creative type of person, to be good at the UX design process? Essentially, everyone who has any influence over the design is, in part, a designer. In this talk, you will learn how the world needs more UX superheroes within an organization and that ALL team members are an intrinsic part of the UX design process. I'll give an overview of the User Experience Design Process that involves shaping the product and getting it right from the beginning while touching on essential UX methods such as user research and field study techniques, personas, card sorting, brainstorming with sketches, wireframes, interactive prototypes, and testing. This talk is for those looking to create better products (including websites and apps) and services. You'll walk away with the essential qualities required to wear the superhero cape of a magnificent UX designer. You'll have empathy for the user, a toolbox full of UX superpowers and be a superb advocate for the user. And most of all, you will be a significant contributor to the User Experience process.

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