Webform module for Drupal 8

Jacob Rockowitz

Drupal is the leading Open Source content management system for building ambitious user experiences for larger enterprise websites and applications. Forms are a foundational part of most websites and user experiences because they enable site owners to collect information about their consumers. The Webform module for Drupal 8 makes it possible to build any type of form which can address any site requirement. The Webform module provides all the features expected from an enterprise proprietary form builder combined with the flexibility and openness of Drupal. The Webform module is a small part of Drupal's ecosystem of contributed modules built and maintained by Drupal's diverse and welcoming community. The goal of this session is to give people new to Drupal a glimpse of the flexibility and openness of Drupal and its community by demoing how to get started using the Webform module. For users familiar with the Webform module, they will give you a better sense of how to leverage all of the Webform module's available features and functionality to build custom forms and user experience. During this presentation, we will explore how to build a simple contact form, an event registration system, and an application/evaluation system.

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