Contenta CMS (Drupal API) + Nuxt.js

Geoff St. Pierre

Lando + Contenta CMS + NuxtJs ========================== Get started with Headless/API first Drupal + Nuxt.js Why? ---- Headless architectures offer many advantages to app construction. From the COPE create once publish everywhere strategy, to parallell development of the frontend and the backend of the app, but getting the infrastructure right can be a bit tricky. Let's take a look at how to landoize your apps infrastructure and get the apps talking to each other. There are also alot of choices available in headless architecture. In this artilcle we will reduce complexity by making specific choices and give a concrete example os setting up a Headless app. Here is the Tech stack: * [Lando]( (dev environments) * [Contenta CMS]( (Drupal API app) * [Nuxt.js]( (Vue Framework frontend app) Contenta CMS is Drupal distributions with many of the modules needed for an API baked in like [jsonapi](, [simple_oauth](, and [decoupled_router]( to name a few. Nuxt is an opinionated [Vue.js]( framework. Vue can do anything, but that said that means you can configure it in many ways, by using Nuxt we leverage known good development patterns and can get up and running quickly and still have all the power of Vue.

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