How I eliminated my job with Docker!

Gavin Morris

I'd like to talk about how I use Docker at my workplace with lessons learned from using config management tools like Ansible and confd to manage and augment Docker containers through their ever changing journeys through hosting environments or "state" e.g. dev, staging and production and ultimately project needs. I'll also sprinkle in a little about continuous integration, automated testing, the trials and tribulations of git and what I'm still learning e.g. Docker secrets, traefik (reverse proxy) and how to move data through or hopefully out of Docker volumes. Lastly, I'd like to share my personal experience or "Maslowian transition" from a systems administrator subtly experiencing the "infra as code" industry shift to becoming more of a day to day systems developer with the joy of rediscovering learning and being a "beginner" in tech again. This talk will include links and topics for those interested in Docker and software development but who may not know what Docker is, how it can be a useful tool or the realities of using it in production environments. This isn't meant to be a workshop but a sort of a journey person's experience with solving problems professionally and personally with Docker. People from all backgrounds and technical levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. I will happily take questions and comments from the audience and will ensure that there is time in my talk to do so.

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