Meta and Schema: Defining the Content about your Content

Jim Birch

We know how our content looks on your own website, on desktops, laptops and phones, but how does it look when it leaves your site? Using open source protocols like, Open Graph, and W3C specified meta data to markup your structured data, we can help boost our content’s chances of outperforming its competition in search engines, and when shared on social media sites. This session presents a whirlwind, two fisted, no holds barred, data filled session that has almost too much information about schemas for structured data and current best practice meta tags, and how to implement them in Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal. This session is meant for anyone responsible for publishing content online and for those that empower them to do so. Attendees will come away from the session knowing how to implement and test schemas, and current meta tag best practices in WordPress and Drupal to gain search features in Google and enhance the look of your content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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