Modernize any Codebase through Tooling and Technique

Michael Lynch

Interested in modernizing your code but don't know where to begin? Techniques like automated testing and static analysis bring tremendous value to a software project, but it can be difficult to get started, especially with an existing codebase. I'll show you the exact steps I took to bring modern software engineering techniques to a legacy open source library. The project had been abandoned and lacked documentation, tests, or even build instructions. Through a series of simple steps, I added automation and checks that allow any new developer to build and extend the codebase. If you attend this talk, you'll learn to: * Build a container for your code so that it runs on any platform * Add automated testing to your code to prevent regressions in functionality * Examine code coverage to measure the effectiveness of your tests * Use tools to enforce consistent style conventions in your code * Apply static analysis to catch careless errors automatically

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