Keynote Session: Actions Speak Louder than Code

Fatima Sarah Khalid, Transport Canada + Code for Canada

We should treat our community the way we treat our code, and give it as much importance. We have amazing collaboration over code with contributors all over the world, but we don’t collaborate on the community in the same way. It’s important work and I know that we have the potential to be better!

The first step towards that is listening to each other, sharing our stories, and talking about belonging.

Today, to do that, we're going on a choose your own adventure! You'll get to hear my stories and get a glimpse of what it's like to be marginalized. We'll also talk about how we can build empathy and the steps we can take towards building a better, more inclusive community.

Fatima Sarah Khalid
Developer @ Transport Canada + Code for Canada
Fatima is an adventurous civic hacker, software developer, and diversity & inclusion advocate. She’s deeply committed to making technology spaces more inclusive, and passionate about open source.

She's currently building digital tools for drone pilots at Transport Canada as a Code for Canada fellow.

Her adventures in open source have taken her from the U.S to Canada where she's worked for Microsoft NY, the City of Boston, and Digital Echidna where she was a technical lead and backend developer.

Fatima is also the leader of the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion working group, a DrupalCon Program team volunteer, and a Core contribution mentoring lead.

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