Adoptable Goats Near Me: What I Googled the Year I Became a Developer

Qymana Botts, Bounteous

Whether building a new skill or rebounding after one of life's inevitable setbacks, having the right strategy can save you time and headaches.

Told through the lens of the speaker’s errant Googlings, this session will take participants on a journey from music teacher to web developer, all the while examining the different types of learning that occurred along the way. This session will delve into theories about learning, techniques to improve information retention and problem solving, and how to shift your perspective to learn what you can even when life is less than ideal.

Embark on a harrowing adventure through a stranger's search history, and emerge on the other side with:

A greater understanding of the learning process

Practical strategies that you can utilize in your own learning

A new perspective on the value of discomfort and failure

Qymana Botts
Web Developer @ Bounteous