Intro to Views - Creating Dynamic Lists of Content

Jake Ineichen, Madison Public Library

Have you just started using Views and asked yourself one of the following:

How do I get only the content I want to display?
Why can't I add other fields about the author of the article?
Why does my view keep displaying duplicate entries?
How do I make this into a slideshow?
What on Earth is a contextual filter?
If you have, this session is for you. The Views module is the way to create lists of content in Drupal. To a beginning Drupal user, though, the admin interface can be pretty overwhelming. This session will provide an introduction to using Views to create dynamic displays of different types of content (nodes, users, terms, and just about any entity you can think of). We'll go over the basics of Views, some of Views possible applications, and how to actually set up some of those different use cases with the Views admin interface. After that introduction, we'll look at some of the contributed modules that extend Views and allow for some really fancy displays.

Jake Ineichen
Digital Services Librarian @ Madison Public Library

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