Lost on an Island: Building Remote Collaboration in Cross-Continent Distributed Teams

Adriana Mosnoi, FFW
Andrew Willden, FFW Agency

Working in a global company means that as an employee, you get to interact with people from different countries all around the world and you’ll have to make it work. Sometimes, this collaboration can present some challenges due to language, culture and physical barriers. I’d like to share our tips and tricks for successful and long-lasting collaboration and prepare you for your next cross-continent call. We will discuss about:

Working through different time zones

Working with cross-functional teams in different continents

Distributed Organization

Knowing roles and talents

Balancing schedules with clients, teams and partners across 12 time zones

Team building remotely & client relationships: Do you filter or share (hint: radical transparency)

Cross-language communication

Adriana Mosnoi
Senior Project Manager @ FFW
Adriana has more than 7 years of experience in project management. She possesses a great knowledge of web technologies and helps companies develop complex digital solutions that ensure their success. With plenty of experience in public speaking, ranging from communication and coordination of volunteering groups and youth organisations, internal company presentations, to client and technical teams consulting and training, Adriana likes to share her knowledge and help others improve the work they do. Recent DrupalCamp sessions include presentations at Moldcamp, DrupalCamp Kyiv, DrupalCamp Transylvania.

Andrew Willden
Director of Solutions & Strategy @ FFW Agency