DrupalCon Seattle 2019: Delivering Drupal 8 On Budget

As a seasoned web developer for over a decade, Jay has seen every type of project of every size and scope go in every direction. Many of the principles today could apply to any type of application or project but we will try to zoom in on Drupal 8 specifically.

This session is for anyone involved with a Drupal project, whether you are a project manager, developer or product owner we want to help you get your project on budget.

As part of this discussion, we will look at every project’s worst nightmare: bikeshedding. If you don’t know what that term means you will find out and realize (probably) that you have been a part of the problem at one time or another.

We will review Drupal’s contributed projects - there are literally thousands of them. How do you decide which modules you need? How many modules is too many? When is it a good idea to go custom instead of using a contributed solution? What is the real cost of custom development?

In this session, we take a hard look at common pitfalls and solutions to steer you on the right path. Our mission is to equip you with principles that are going to lead to the best solution with the least amount of risk to your project budget. We are not pitching SCRUM or any other trendy methodology, we are giving you real battle-tested lessons that will get your project on the right track!

Topics covered

Beware Bikeshedding (and Gold Plating)

The Hidden Costs of Custom Development

Contrib First Approach

Evaluating Contributed Modules

Contrib Spam - Bloat You Will Regret

Vitamins Vs Painkillers (hint: you want the latter)

Silent Budget Killers

About Our Presenter

Jay Callicott is currently the VP of Technical Operations for Mediacurrent and has 9 years of experience delivering enterprise solutions for Mediacurrent.

Jay is also an avid supporter and contributor to Drupal open source projects. Jay writes blogs on Drupal and has given several Drupalcon talks in recent years including: “Top Drupal 8 Modules” at Drupalcon, Nashville, “Multilingual in Drupal 8” at Drupalcon, Baltimore and “Meeting Marketing Challenges with Automation and Drupal” at Drupalcon, Austin.