DrupalCon Seattle 2019: FOREO - Scaling Applications and Mission Critical Events

Like most e-commerce retailers, FOREO - a Swedish multi-national beauty brand with oral and skin care products such as the popular and iconic LUNA facial cleanser - needs to massively scale applications and infrastructure to handle mission-critical events. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Singles Day in China drive record sales and revenue for the company, and FOREO's systems must be ready to support the enormous spikes in traffic seen during these events.

Millions of dollars are at stake when e-commerce systems go down, or even slow down, during major sales events, and failure can have a material impact on a company's bottom line. Tag1 Consulting, world leading experts in performance and scalability, will cover the tools, techniques, and processes used to ready applications and infrastructures for massive traffic spikes and surges in payment transactions.  

Attendees will gain actionable insight on how to load test and performance tune systems through real world examples. We will also cover best practices to ensure your success during high-traffic events including advanced monitoring and risk mitigation strategies. And to help ensure your applications remain performant as they evolve, we will discuss code reviews and performance testing as part of continuous integration systems, as well as other approaches.  

This talk is geared towards technical leaders charged with managing enterprise applications, but business stakeholders are encouraged to attend and will gain valuable insights. Performance tuning engineers will be on hand to answer in-depth technical questions after the talk.