DrupalCon Seattle 2019: It's a Match: Project Mgmt + Design Systems #swiperight

Design systems are the new rage, but much like responsive web 10 years ago, it's a concept that is still hard to conceptualize or understand. With that being said, how do you even build / implement a design system, let alone manage projects that involve a design system?

In this session I am going to cover:

WTF is a Design System?

What components make up a Design System
How is a Design System used
Benefits of a Design System
Who should use a Design System

A simple methodology on how to plan, build, and implement a Design System; soup to nuts!

Discovery process
Project Planning
Build / Implement
Maintenance / Scaling

Value to Audience:

Basic understanding of a Design System
How a Design System aligns Designers / Developers and expedites a site build
A simple methodology for planning, implementing, building a Design System


Introduction (2m)
WTF is a Design System (10m)
PM digital projects before (5m)
PM methodology for digital projects using DS (10m)
Wrap-up / Review (2m)