DrupalCon Seattle 2019: Migrating terrible static content into Drupal 8

Your sales team just landed an awesome contract, complete with a migration requirement of over 200k static web pages created with every tool except Drupal. You've got some great architecture ready for the content, but now what? Meet Migration Tools (https://www.drupal.org/project/migration_tools) - a way to migrate content by extracting structure from static HTML files, built on Drupal 8's core migration architecture. This presentation will outline the process to spider, organize/audit and migrate static HTML content using specific configuration examples and steps taken on large Drupal 8 projects.

Attendees should be familiar with basic D8 migration concepts. We will be working with YAML and PHP code.

After this session, you will:

Understand the issues faced with migrating static HTML content
Learn how to build a content index for migration and use tools to help audit/organize
Understand capabilities of Migration Tools and use with your Migration Source plugin of choice
See the results of a fully configured HTML DOM traversal migration into Drupal content types.