DrupalCon Seattle 2019: Science Lab : Using the Scientific Method to Create Amazing Web Experiences

The best part of science class was always the science fair project. You got to dive into a subject you really liked and even if your project didn't quite turn out the way you expected, you still ended up with something pretty cool to show off. Improving your website's user experience can feel the same way. 

On a daily basis, I help clients make sense of data and analytics to improve goal conversion on their websites. But unfortunately (otherwise I'd be rich), there's no magic formula to tell if an adjustment will be successful. When a client puts time, energy, and $$ into something, that's a hard statement to hear. But, I've found that by using the same scientific method we all learned in grade school, it suddenly becomes more understandable.

In this session, I'll walk through some real-life examples (with real-time audience participation) on how to apply the scientific method to your own website.

No baking soda volcanos. No trifold boards needed.