DrupalCon Seattle 2019: Thank You

In this session, a panel of diverse speakers from a broad selection of the Drupal Community will share personal stories of gratitude and thanks -- for advice shared, opportunities offered, chances given, kind words in a moment of need -- acts and words that changed their lives, boosted their careers, fostered a relationship, or just made their days better in some way.

A note from the submitter:

I believe that bringing together a highly-curated & diverse panel of speakers, giving them a fairly open-ended, universal speaking prompt, and encouraging them to be courageous and honest about their vulnerabilities in front of an audience has profoundly positive effects on both the presenters and the attendees, bringing radical humanization and empathy to a community that is often overwhelmingly large and impersonal in its everyday transactions. It's a format that works -- and has led to pretty positive feedback when tried before with different topics before.