Drupal for Entrepreneurs - let the drop help you do the hard thinking

Everyone wants to build a business around an “app”. That’s fine, but learning to code is hard while also building a business around the app you want. Prototyping your site with Drupal allows you to do the hard thinking that app designers and software architects do, without having to learn their specific skills. Super bonus, if you find a Drupal developer, they can build the rest of the website based on the prototype you’ve already built!

Drupal sits in the middle:

You can build out the pages and functionality of your app with no or minimal code
You can use Drupal as a working proof of concept to show developers and designers
Building your site makes you do the hard thinking about how your app works so you can more easily describe what you want to build
Drupal has modules for building stores, marketplaces, controlling access, uploading and downloading documents, creating groups, and even building CRM, erp and accounting functionality.
Drupal can help you prototype your whole business infrastruture.
Drupal is a website building framework that lets you rapidly create and customize whatever you need. It can serve as a website, or as a backend to apps and services.

This session will be a fast-paced show building a few aspects of different functions that any app and/or business needs.

About the Speaker(s):
Byron is a 7 year veteran Drupal vet. Architecting, building, launching and supporting more than 70 sites!

Recently he's got the bug to create a few sites and is currently using drupal to build the crm/erp for his new job.


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