What Movies can Teach us about Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is a little bit art and a little bit science, and it's one of the core skillsets that every developer should focus on. In this talk, I use clips from movies (and the occasional TV show) to illustrate fundamental troubleshooting scenarios and relate them to practical code issues that you are likely to find in your day-to-day work . The presentation uses visual aids and memorable sequences so that creative troubleshooting ideas stay top of mind when you run into similar problems in your code or infrastructure.

About the Speaker(s):
Jim Keller is one of the founding partners of Eastern Standard, a combined branding and web agency headquartered in Philadelphia. He has worked in nearly all aspects of web technology over his 20-year career, from extensive front-end coding to network operations support at Philadelphia's first Internet provider. Jim's experience in user experience, research, and design, and his focus in technology implementation guides the team in the creation of innovative, large-scale web projects.


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