Becoming an Ally for A11y

Approaching accessibility from the start of a project can greatly impact usability. From initial wireframing to entering content in a CMS, there are many ways to plan for and implement a fully inclusive website: color contrast can be measured before any CSS is written, heading structures can be mapped before any markup is created. Messy navigation patterns can be reconsidered before a menu structure is built. When accessibility is valued as an essential part of the user experience, everyone can help make it easier to implement.

This talk will show how our team has gone from treating accessibility as a set of tests to pass to incorporating it as a core part of how we design experiences, focusing on concepts that can be implemented at all stages of a project to help make fully inclusive websites. We will dive into implementing accessible workflows and patterns in both design and development, and will touch on ways Drupal can be used to help CMS users create consistent, accessible content. We’ll also touch on how to build a culture of accessibility across different levels of project, department, and agency.

Shaun Baer
About the Speaker(s):
Shaun Baer is a developer who champions inclusive design practices and spearheads accessible web standards at Bluecadet. He has built accessible experiences for Swarthmore and Harvard, and is a woodworker in his spare time.

Ryan Johnson is a design technologist at Bluecadet. He thoughtfully crafts digital experiences from beginning to end by uniting his love for both design and development.

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