DevOps for Drupal and Other Web Applications

Explore DevOps techniques, tools, and best practices for Drupal and other web applications.

This session will expand on the following topics:

DevOps philosophy
Local development environments, version control, and development workflows
Automation, testing tools, and deployment processes
Storing server configuration in code and provisioning servers from code
Docker and containerized applications
Drupal sandbox testing tools and cool testing APIs
Logging and monitoring tools
Backups and disaster recovery
Security best practices
Those who are involved in the daily operations of managing servers or other infrastructure in your organization will benefit most from this session. However, the tools and techniques discussed in this session will enhance your knowledge of DevOps for Drupal and other web applications regardless of your current skill set.

About the Speaker(s):
I'm a Systems Engineer and Developer at Zivtech in Center City.

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