Migrate API, not just for Migration

The Migrate API from Drupal 8 core provides services for migrating data from a source system to Drupal 8. In this hands-on session we will import content from a data source (i.e. CSV file) into a Drupal 8 site. In the process we will learn how to implement hook_migration_plugins_alter() to tell Drupal where to find the data files and images from a custom module. All of this will be done in a custom module scaffolded using Drupal console and we will also look at how Migrate Tools and Migrate Plus modules make it easier to manage migrations. This example is designed to show how developers can take advantage of the Migrate API to import test content safely into a database and keep track of that content.

Tae Oey
About the Speaker(s):
I have been working as a Drupal developer working on projects for Johnson&Johnson, Lockheed Martin and the Mastercard where I developed a travel app prototype with Angular Js. My background is actually in Civil Engineering where I designed roads, storm management systems, and residential planned communities.


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