Mental Health and the Workplace: How You Can Support Your Coworkers with Mental Illness

Jen Sanders
Drupal: CalamityJen

We all know of the importance of mental health to being a productive employee, but what does that mean for people who are mentally ill?

For those who don't live with mental illness, it can be difficult to know how to support coworkers who are struggling, or even to understand what they're going through.

As someone who has lived with mental illness most of her life, I'd like to help you understand mental illness (or at least my experiences with it) and suggest ways that you can be an ally to mentally ill teammates.

We'll go over terms and concepts in mental illness and recovery from it, how to foster a safe environment, and resources to help you along the way.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes:
-A better understanding of mental illness and how it can affect teams and the workplace
-Overview of 'triggers' and what 'being triggered' really means
-Discussion of the concept of 'safe spaces'
-Suggestions on how to support mentally ill coworkers
-Resources for mental health awareness and support