Supporting Drupal-as-a-Service: Providing Tech Support to Drupal Devs

Kyle Hakala

How do we support 500+ custom Drupal sites and 1000+ Drupal “Gardens” at the University of Minnesota? Where is the line drawn on supporting custom code? What about complex Drupal views and other site structures? Hear about how the Drupal Support Team at UMN has worked to improve their support for hundreds of developers and non-developers alike—without prior Drupal experience required.

From setting up new dev sites to coordinating production cutovers; from managing security certificates to code deployments and cloning of environments, the Drupal Support Team doesn’t provide just a technology named Drupal—rather a full service offering from the conception to launch to retirement of a site.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes:
Identify and discuss the intermediary role between Drupal site developers and infrastructure/platform engineers.