Creating & maintaining 30+ U of T Faculty of Medicine Websites

Aidan Foster & Roberta Brown

This session is a business case study reviewing the benefits, challenges, and lessons learned when we created the custom Drupal distribution “WebPac” that manages 30 websites from a common code base. The presentation will provide a broad overview of both the business, strategic, technical, and infrastructure used by the Faculty of Medicine.

Roberta will focus on the client side operations, on-boarding new clients to the platform, and supporting the end-user content editors. Aidan will review the technical architecture of the platform, the hosting environment, and briefly outline the processes and technologies used to ensure ongoing security updates. He will review how new features are deployed to the sites and minimize the risk of bugs accessibility problems on the platform.

Aidan Foster
Front end architect, UX Designer, TORONTO, @finteractive
Aidan is a UX designer and Front-end architect. He started his first website design business a month after graduating in 2002, and it remains successful today. Aidan is a tiny bit obsessive about process (in a good way). He focuses on using tools and processes to improve the quality of both design and code, all while creating a more efficient and sustainable workflow.

Aidan is the President of the Drupal Toronto and core organizer for Drupal North.

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