Journey to the SOLR system

Bryan Miller

In the beginning, we searched our Drupal-based University websites using the Google Search Appliance. Until one day, the big yellow servers stopped arriving. We then embarked on a journey to replace the deprecated product with a new solution. Searching far and wide through the universe, we settled upon a solution that would integrate well with our existing multi-site Drupal installation. Join us on our tour where we will present our challenges and what made us gravitate towards a Drupal-Solr integration.

Bryan Miller
Application Manager, Ottawa
I am a Technical Project manager with the University of Ottawa’s web services team. Has been active in web development and content management systems since 2003. Championed the universities Drupal adoption project which began in 2011. Currently helping the university to work towards its next Drupal migration and to leverage other open source tools such as SOLR.

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.