Mastering the CDN: Present & Future

Matthew Cheney

If you site is not running on a CDN, you are missing out. Modern websites receive enormous benefits in terms of speed & reliability when utilizing a content delivery network - and setting one up for your site has never been easier.

CDNs offer the best in class support for making websites fast utilizing techniques such as HTTPS/2 (soon HTTPS/3), image compression, global points of presence, TLS integration, cache tags (in D8 core!), & much more!

This presentation will review how a CDN works, how to integrate it into your site, and how to get the fastest and best site on the internet using other peoples servers around the world.

Matthew Cheney
Chaos Wizard, New Orleans, @populist
I help organize magical Drupal events (BADCamp, Drupalcon SF), write code to help site builders in the Panels universe (Panopoly), and founded a couple awesome Drupal companies (Chapter Three, Pantheon).

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