How to make content management enjoyable for your customers

Jean-François Cartier

The more you work with Drupal, the more you become familiar with its tools. You end up getting used to the APIs and over time, you tend to lose objectivity. Don't worry, that's normal, but a question remains, are Drupal forms user-friendly enough to make the content management enjoyable? It turns out that the best person to answer this question is the client himself. Sometimes the answer is positive, sometimes it's not. Sure, it sometimes depends on the essence of the Website, it's complexity and scope of the project, but the appreciation is often influenced by the client's past experiences (ie. other CMS forms). So how can we make content editing optimal for those users?

In this presentation I will cover some tips we've used at Kiwad to enhance the user experience. Another part of the communication will be about Drupal's new features related to the same topic like the new admin theme and Layout builder.

Jean-François Cartier
Front End Developer, Montreal
Jean-François is an accomplished Front-End Developer who started learning XHTML and CSS in the despicable Internet Explorer 6 era. His first professional Drupal project was in 2011 where he had to struggle with the limitations of Drupal 6's (hardly updatable) jQuery version. Since then, he survived. He's now stronger, happier and more efficient than ever with all these exciting new technologies that Drupal 8 allows. Today, Jean-François is front-end lead & co-owner at Kiwad.

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