SEO and UX Go Hand in Hand

Jim Birch

Search engines rank content and pages for query terms they feel the user will get the most value out of. The basis of the modern search engine is to deliver the user the best possible experience, whether that is providing links to websites, or providing answers to questions directly in search.

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of identifying and maximizing the number of visitors to a website by working to appear on the results page of a search engine for a certain query.

User Experience, UX, is focused on identifying, converting and helping users that visit your site based on the goals of the site.

UX and SEO are sibling user focused disciplines whose goals are to connect people with the correct content. SEO professionals will concentrate on how the user finds the content in search engine result pages, while User Experience professionals will concentrate on how the content completes the journey once the user has arrived at the content.

This presentation will review the SEO basics that every design should have, and some techniques for viewing our websites from the intent of the user, and how we can design around them.

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