Can't We All Just Get Along? Design & Development Collaboration

Lindsey Gemmill

This talk explores common myths between design and development, and we're here to bust them!

Is this you?

- A designer wondering what happens to your beloved mockups after handed off to the development team

- A developer having nightmares about the intricacies of design and functionalities seeming way off base of budget and scope

- A project manager watching from the sidelines wondering how this process can be improved

The answer to smooth project workflow has been right in front of us the whole time...collaboration! With the current state of agile workflows, it's important to remember that full team involvement from start to finish will eliminate many unknowns in projects.

We'll walk through the ins and outs of :

- Collaborative Commitment
- Design Workflow
- Development Workflow
- Setting Expectations / Project Planning
- Winning!

When we align design and development as one collaborative unit projects can really take flight. So, can we all just get along? Of course we can. Join me in exploring the common myths and working through improvements together.

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