Design Systems Are Coming, Is Your Team Ready?

Margo Romanowski

Great designs don't ensure great execution and integration. Whether you are accomplishing a comprehensive site redesign/rebrand, consolidation exercise, platform conversion, site acquisition, or other project, the organizational tactics are going to be of paramount importance. This session is geared towards those managing development teams and the work involved with executing design in Drupal, and will leave with ideas on how to organize their projects and teams to reach greater efficiency.

Design systems have emerged as a way to sync design across an organization and execution, while giving greater flexibility to implement innovative and consistent user experiences across all properties within an organization. However, the design system isn't just a living style guide that is shared on a wiki or on a website. This session will explore the emerging trend of design systems and their organizational challenges that ScrumMasters, Product Managers, PMO office, and senior leadership face when managing and implementing a design system that works well with Drupal (and beyond).

Treating the design system as a product allows for an increased understanding and organizational efficiency that will keep the development teams moving forward and continually improving. We will review management of organizational portfolio roadmap planning, day-to-day team needs and challenges, and workflow across Design / UX / Front End / Drupal teams. Team roles and management options will be covered, with a focus on agile and hybrid organizational hierarchies.

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