Design Systems: A Product that Serves Products

Chris Strahl

Design is the foundation of user experience and one of the most significant inputs into the front-end development process. Recently, organizations have begun to build systems to help them manage their design and code as a set of reusable patterns.

Using applications like Sketch, InVision, or in custom software, these are loosely-termed “Design Systems” and they’re being adopted rapidly by designers and developers alike.

Design Systems are a way of creating a system for managing design patterns within an organization. Too often, these are considered part of another technology product - simply a system that serves a single application. **Instead, we need to think of these systems as a product that serves other products**. They are distinct from a CMS or a native application, but they serve those as an organizational tools that brings consistency, scalability, and maintainability to an application.

Exploring this new product concept is something that aids the ability of software **like Drupal to scale within the organization.** Additionally, it helps foster collaboration between designers and developers by creating a shared language and expectations for how experiences flow from user needs.

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