Rain: A New Tool to Streamline Design with Reusable Components

Becky Cierpich

These questions are universal to every designer at all levels:
- How can we build designs that get the most out of the development budget?
- What’s the best way to communicate functionality and value to clients?
- How can we ensure design consistency across all pages and devices?

The answers can all be found in this straightforward approach: Component Driven Design with Rain.

In this session, see real-world examples and get practical advice to apply this approach to your next project. You'll learn:

Why design with components?
Learn the history of this approach, how it benefits the entire project team, and how to explain it to your clients in a language they can understand.

How do we design with components?
Peek inside our toolbox and see how we shortcut the design and development process with Rain’s component and symbol libraries that connect with a standard Drupal 8 installation profile.

How do we plan functionality?
Hear how our agile design process invites early collaboration between strategy, design, development, and stakeholders.

How do we ensure consistency?
From the designer’s documentation of styles to the developer’s living style guide, learn best practices and efficiency tips for integrating a component library like Rain into your next web development project.

How does a component-based approach play out over the years?
Learn the real-world impact of this methodology on a website and its content editors over the lifetime of the site.


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