User Unfriendly: A practical guide to losing control

Miriam Suzanne

The web is more than a technology, it was created with a mission statement. Design and code trends also come with attached philosophies, often unstated. As designers and developers, it’s important that we think clearly about the underlying implications of our products and our processes. We’ll explore various approaches and lessons from Miriam’s experience with creative process and audience interaction in theater, writing, art, and software. How do we balance creativity, expertise, and expectations? What does it really mean to be user friendly?

We will explore:

How the medium influences what we make and how we work
Thinking about HTML & CSS as extensions of the web mission statement
Thinking about “open” and “invisible” definitions of user friendly design
Understanding (and seeking-out) user-feedback, without sacrificing vision
The importance of integrating designers and developmentTalk with clients, stakeholders, and co-workers about the choices we make

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