Essential Sketch skills: From branding to development

Jennifer Smith

5 minutes-Introduction
Sketch is a tool-Do your research, sketch your ideas, do preliminary tests on structure before building UI in Sketch
5 minutes-High level overview of Sketch
Understanding pages, artboards, layers and more.
Importance of naming conventions
10 minutes-Building UI in Sketch
Quick tips you can use to rapidly build your UI
5 minutes-Building and using shareable Sketch libraries
Importing, building, and sharing branding elements in libraries
10 minutes-Creating and organizing symbols, object and type styles
There could potentially be 100’s of elements that you need to manage, find out how to categorize your type styles, object styles, symbols and more. By organizing your content, you can find what you need quickly and easily.
5 minutes-Sending assets and specs to development
Discover how to transition your design to development so that what you expect is what you get
5 Minutes-Conclusion

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