So another client ruined their website. Here's why it's your fault.

Jessica Ito

As a designer, there’s nothing worse than an inexperienced client ruining their beautiful, well-thought-out site in a matter of minutes.

Many clients have nothing to go on but gut instinct and subjectivity (that’s why they hire us). It’s our job to give site owners and stakeholders the tools and knowledge required to evaluate whether what we’re doing is what they need, and to prepare them to be successful site builders.

In this session, I will walk through real examples of practical ways you can equip your client with the skills they need throughout the implementation process and beyond. This talk is geared toward UX design leads who interact frequently with their clients.

What will be covered:
How to get your client thinking in terms of content types & components
How to help your client understand the implications of their visual design choices
Tools you can create to help your client be a successful site builder
How to run content entry training in a way that is meaningful to your client

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