Three UX Guidelines for Designing a Better Backend

Cara Guappone
Julie Michaud

We’ve all been there. After many months of detailed documentation, painstaking work, late nights, and a weekend launch date - the website has finally been delivered and a very specific “fear” sets in. What will the client do to this poor site? How long will it look how it was designed? When will they add an iframe to the homepage?

We build websites on CMS platforms so that clients can edit and add content, so why are we so afraid to let them? We’ve spent months discussing customer needs and our front-end usability, but have we done our due diligence planning for the back-end authoring experience?

Handing control over to non-designers and non-developers is a huge responsibility. In this session our clients are the users. We’ll talk through how we can apply UX thinking to the content authoring experience to create usable systems for our clients. Attendees will walk away with three specific guidelines that they can leverage within the backend interface to optimize the authoring experience of their own projects.

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