Fabian Bircher: CMI 2.0 and you

Configuration management has been one of the signature improvements that Drupal 8 brought us.
However, initially, Drupal 8 core only supported a very narrow use case and left the rest to contrib to figure out. In the second iteration of the configuration management initiative, we take the lessons learned from contrib and implement them in the core. But we have only a narrow window of time left to get things done for Drupal 8.

Now is the time to get involved, the deadline for 8.8 is very soon!

Participants of this session do not need to be experts on configuration management, having used the core config module and maybe config_split is enough.
You will walk away with good sense of what we are trying to bring to Drupal 8.8 and why it is important to get involved at the sprints during this event.