Jorge Tutor: Diving Into Peopleware

The three core aspects of computer technology are: hardware, software and we should not forget the most important one Peopleware. 

Peopleware refers to anything that has to do with the role of people including such issues as developer productivity, teamwork, group dynamics, the psychology of programming, project management, organizational factors, human interface design, and human-machine interaction.

In this session, we will reinforce how important is to focus on the people and their needs, helping them to grow personally and as a team creating a suitable environment. 

"The major issues of software development are human, not technical".
(Demarco and Lister, 1999) 

- Introduction
- Management 3.0
- Motivation: intrinsic vs extrinsic
- Self-organized teams
- Multifunctional teams
- Productivity & waste
- Conclusions