Designing Design Systems for Drupal

Jared Ponchot

Design systems are all the rage these days, but what exactly is a design system? How do you know when you need one? In this session we'll cover the following:

What is a design system?
How do you know when you need a design system?
How do you thoughtfully plan and model a design system for a CMS like Drupal?
How do you create and maintain a design system as a team (or teams)?
I'll share real-world examples from projects of varied scale and complexity that our team of Lullabot strategists, designers and developers have worked on.

Who is this session for?

Designers looking to learn more about what design systems are and how to model them for a CMS like Drupal.
Content editors and product owners looking for practices and approaches to creating great design systems that empower editors of a Drupal site.
Content strategists looking for ways to relate the content model to the patterns, components and presentation of the site.
Front-end and back-end developers wanting better process and strategies for planning out design systems collaboratively.
Project managers looking for practices to facilitate communication and collaboration by multiple disciplines creating a design system.

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