Reality check: what will it take to decouple my Drupal site?

Philip Curley

So you’re thinking about decoupling your Drupal site because the Drupal’s API-First initiative is making it easier than ever to plug in your favorite front-end framework and get to work. But what are the gotchas that you might encounter? We are lucky to work with a full-featured platform like Drupal, but what features must you replace in order to build a completely independent front-end?

Our team has developed and released decoupled Drupal sites and this talk will cover our experiences developing these applications and tools we used to build features we needed. This talk is targeted at developers and those who are considering a decoupled project but are skeptical of the scope of the work compared to a “traditional” Drupal build-out. The talk will review the following topics and concepts:

Essential Drupal modules
Design & layout
Meta tags
Web forms
Custom REST endpoints
Current and future challenges

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