Solve the right problems to build great websites

Joe Meersman

A smart programmer is not the one who fixes all the problems, but rather, the one who understands what the problems worth fixing are. When discussing quality software, everyone talks about unit tests and test-driven development, only a small piece of building good software. In this session, we'll explore validation and verification beyond software tests. In other words, are you building the right product (validation), and was the product built correctly (verification)? The only way to test for validation and verification is to understand what you and your company does best, what the client offers, and what their customers need.

We will cover:

Getting clients involved and invested (not just the role of your PM!)
Risk communication
Creating a build specification to document, refine and communicate project architecture
Prototyping and sandboxing
Timeboxing tasks to validate estimates quickly
How to handle QA and code reviews

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