A Few of My Favorite Things


A naked Drupal Core installation is inconceivable. It’s the contributed extensions that make Drupal magnificent. But how do we decide which of the 23,706 projects to use? We’ll look at some popular (and some lesser known) modules, themes, and profiles, and delve into combinations and configurations of a handful that are particularly well suited for govies. The special needs of government programs will structure our journey through the landscape of archetypal solutions for accessibility, analysis, compliance, design, mobile, open data, search, security, and usability requirements. Join us and let’s share some of our favorite “contrib” projects with a focus on what works best for Government applications. Toward the end we’ll open the floor for your, the audience to offer suggestions of your favorites too!

Key topics

Problem / Solution Fit
Combinations & Configurations
Audience faves
Who should attend

Everyone who uses contributed modules, themes, and/or profiles
Drupalers interested in how to best leverage projects for Government apps
Those wantinging to share fitting projects with the Drupal Gov community


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