The Single Node Website: Rapidly Producing Microsites

robertsonba , carlosrfm

Have you ever wanted to create a single Drupal instance that hosts multiple Microsites—without using the “Drupal multisite” paradigm? We wanted to allow content managers to create basic websites for Conferences, so we did exactly that. Now we want to show you how.

Join this session to see how our development team built a Drupal instance that can rapidly create and deploy these microsites. Content managers can create multi-page micro sites on the fly using just a single node.

What you get from this session:

Why create multiple micro sites within a single Drupal instance? What’s the benefit?
Why not use Drupal Multi-site?
How and why would one create a multi-page microsite from a single node?
How did we create multiple pages from a single node?
Additional tools for expanding this paradigm
Lessons learned—what did we have to go back and fix? What would we do differently?
What are the drawbacks of this approach?

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