Why Migrate to Drupal 8 Now

tobby , fhaynes

You have heard that D7 is going to be sunset next year, and that D9 is just around the corner. Now what? How do you get everyone onboard to move, how do you plan and prepare for that move, and how to smooth the way for upgrades in the future.

This session will be a guide to building your plan to move from D7 to D8 (with an eye toward D9 readiness). We will cover:

Reasons for migrating now and how to sell it to your organization
Why you don’t want to wait for D9
What you should do now to make your move to D8 easier
How to assess your technology and content
How to plan your move
Preparing for Drupal’s future versions in this move
Do you have challenges…

Planning, sizing and budgeting for a D8 migration…
Getting your team on board with moving to a newer platform…
Justifying migrating to D8 when D9 is just over a year away…
You know you need to migrate, but aren’t sure where to begin…
…then this session is for you!


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