Drupal GovCon: The Making


Ever wonder what it takes to make Drupal GovCon a thing?

Ever wonder how we started and why the name change (Looking at you Drupal Gov Days and Capital Camp)?

Ever wonder about our budget or teams?

Well, you are in luck. This year, I'm gonna share the history, the work and the costs associated with putting together Drupal GovCon.

Attendees will learn:

Capital Camp beginnings under an escalator at Drupalcon Chicago
Drupal Gov Days Europe, at Commerce and finally hosted by NIH
Co-hosting with other groups like Mil-OSS
Team Structure
Planning process
Budgeting and costs
The people past and present
and finally, why did we include Gov in the name.

So, come and hear, see and experience what it takes to make Drupal GovCon a thing and find out how you can participate later in the week.


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