Maneuvering agile requirements on government projects using Design Thinking Framework

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So your team has gone agile? But the ecosystem has not fully moved…You’re sprinting, but not sure what work is being developed…You need stories to sprint, but still getting a 100 page requirements document…You want quick decisions, but still have the approval processes…

You’ve won the RFP, you’ve hired your scrum team…everyone on the team is excited…The project is initiated, Sprint 0 is completed, and your team is ready to sprint…how does Sprint 1, 2, and 3 look like?

Did you experience broken sprint commitments? Did you have estimations that were off? Did you have misunderstanding of requirements?

The government ecosystem will not change overnight, and what must be understood is that accountability is still key in the government space — showing evidence of work and audibility of work and requirements.

At the end of this session, you will be able to understand how to use the Design Thinking Framework to take a requirements document and break it up into agile Epics, Features and Stories to create a roadmap on how you will deliver all that’s being asked. Specific techniques to use in order to achieve your goals:

User Personification
Affinity Mapping
Reason for vertical Slicing of Requirements
What constitutes a good feature or user story
Roadmap creation
Whether you’re a developer, tester, project manager, scrum master, or product owner, this session will benefit all who work in an environment who is transforming from traditional project management to agile management of work.

3 main concepts for you to takeaway:

1.Understand empathy is key to deliver value. Be more curious about people and how to involve them in your everyday life and work

2.Convert a requirements into features . how to break up a requirement document into features and then slice them into well form stories with a clear definition of acceptance criteria

3.Epics into Features into Stories

If you can identify ONE thing that makes sense with your processes, we will feel accomplished; so take notes then take action! we really hope that you will learn something new and Link in to us, connect with us, and ask questions.

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