Measuring What Matters: Using Analytics to Inform Content Strategy


“Is my content strategy working?” “Do I need to do something different?” “Am I spending my budget effectively?” These are the questions that keep senior leadership awake at night. Often, the monthly analytics report does nothing to answer these questions. Full of charts of graphs about last month’s performance, it says nothing about what to do next. Beautiful to behold - then forever filed away in the bottom desk drawer.

In this session, we’ll review a method to explicitly tie your organization’s goals to the metrics you gather. We’ll discuss how to provide reports that stay out of the bottom desk drawer, and how you can use what you learn to monitor the effectiveness of your content and your underlying content strategy.

In this session, we will explore:

How to identify metrics that matter to your organization, stakeholder by stakeholder
How to gain insight into the effectiveness of your marketing and outreach efforts
How and when to report metrics to your leadership

Speaker: Jason Hamrick,

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